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Have a site that offers a free reading you would like us to review? feel free to submit it to us. We can't guarantee placement within our directory. Also, by submitting a link to us for review, you are doing so with the awareness that we will review your site and share our personal views/opinions of your site. If you do not agree to that, do not submit your link to us. this is a review website and that is what we do. We will not knowingly link to any website that engages in "per minute" activities, fake "psychics" that send junk email scaring people, etc.

Do you want your site featured at the top of your category? Ask me about ad rates and requirements. Paid advertisements get a banner at the top of the page and different plans are available - monthly, six months, or one year packages. I only feature one advertisement at the top of each main section so it's a worthwhile investment.

Use the form below to submit sites to us for review or to inquire about advertising rates. Please note the form will be sent to us via email so expect your default email application to launch when you hit send.... Thanks!

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