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current featured website
Free Natal Chart from Chaos Astrology
A very impressive free, full 15 - 18 page natal report. You enter your name, date, and place of birth and the results are very detailed and thorough.

My Spiritual Profile
Not very detailed at all, but it does share with you all of your symbols from Eastern and Western Astrology, Your Chinese Astrological Sign, Birthstone, and day you were born.

Free Horoscopes Astrology
This website has a variety of free horoscopes, daily, weekly, by sun sign, love etc.. The whole website is pretty much dedicated to horoscopes.

Astrolabe Free Astrology Chart
Put in your information and get a free wheel and basic chart for free with the option to purchase a more thorough, detailed chart.

Free Personality Analysis
enter your date of birth and it gives you a description of your sun sign and personality analysis based on it.

Free Astrology Cafe Astrology
This site offers 4 free features including compatibility for lovers, today's horoscope, and birth chart.

More free Astrology resources will be posted in the future as I find and review them...


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