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Free I Ching Readings Online

current featured website
Online Clarity Free I Ching
This website offers good background on I ching, what it is and how it works. Once you are familiar, you click to choose a free reading.

Facade Free I Ching
I Ching is over 3000 years old, making it possibly the oldest form of divination there is. Facade features many free readings and the I Ching is one of them. You can choose your cast yarrow or coins and ask a free question.

e Tarocchi Free I Ching
Enter your name and click to cast your coins. You get a "present" and "future" outlook

Chris' Free I Ching
Type in your question and cast. It takes you to a page where your results come up. This site also features a Yahoo Group link for fans of the I Ching.

Consult the I Ching
This one offers some more realism in that you actually throw the coins six times rather than just push a button once. Then it calculates and takes you to a results page.

Way of Tao - Free I Ching Book of Changes
I like this one for it's more philosophical, meditative approach. It features a "thought of the day" in addition to just a simple reading. When you click for your free reading the response is a full page of wisdom - not just a couple of short passages. It's very detailed and thought provoking.

More free I Ching readings will be posted in the future as I find them...


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