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Free Numerology Readings Online

current featured website
Soul Numerology
Get a free numerology reading, learn how to calculate your own chart, and learn more about other numerology phenomenon like repeating number sequences and spiritual messages in numbers.

Affinity Numerology
Enter your name and birthdate and you will get a very impressive introductory numerology reading that covers 7 numbers including your life path, destiny number, current year and next years path.

Cafe Astrology
"You by your numbers". This free numerology report is impressive, including most of the key numbers, life cycles, karma numbers, pinnacles, and other more obscure elements like your cornerstone, first vowel/consanant numbers, and more. At the bottom is a section where you can add notes before you print it off if you like. Very nice!

Indian Numerology
This website features a daily or weekly numerology based prediction forecast. The results are broken English, a little hard to understand, but it's a good "horoscope" type reading based on numerology. I like the daily/weekly features.

Free Numerology Cherry Sage
put your name and birthdate in on this one and you get a very brief "karmic accumulation" number reading - something different than the other sites.

Numerology Arts
Very impressive free reading. Put in your full birth name first/middle/last and DOB and your report will pop up instantly with all of your numbers, cycles, pinnacles, personal year, month etc. all included. You can also click any number for general number meanings.

Mystic Scripts Free Numerology Scripts
This website has many different free numerology scripts to choose from - predictions, phone number numerology, baby names and more.

Decoz Numerology
This software is great and I have used it successfully. It allows you to do a numerology profile, chart calculator and chart mapping. The full version does require you to pay, but it gives a great short reading on the freeware version. This website also does an excellent job of teaching numerology basics and how to do the calculations and the meanings of numbers in general.

Astroccult Free Numerology Software
I couldn't test this one because it's incompatible with 64 bit Windows so I can't say for sure if it's any good or not. Cnet does certify it to be spyware free however - always a bonus when downloading free software :)

Instant Numerology
This is a link to a free for non-commercial use numerology software you can download and use. I have not tried this one, so I cannot provide more information at this time.

More free Numerology readings will be posted in the future as I find them...


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