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Free Rune Readings Online

current featured website
MoonWhisper Free Rune Readings
This website offers several choices for free rune casts. The rune interpretations are "ok", but could be more detailed. The variety of different casts is nice.

Free Rune Reading by Living Lucky
4 rune casts to choose from with very nice, detailed rune interpretations and wisdom. The positions meanings could have been a bit more detailed, but overall I really enjoyed this one.

Facade Free Rune Readings
impressive free runes readings. You can choose your runes and also the spread/cast you want. You can also opt for a cast to be chosen for you. The descriptions of the runes are very detailed and are also correlated with actual examples of what they could mean for you in more simple terms.

Free Runes Reading by Tarot Secrets
You can choose from multiple types of runes which is very nice. There are also 12 different casts to choose from. The interpretations are pretty basic and easy to understand, although they are exactly the same for each cast. The sheer amount of choices here though make this one worth a look.

Weejees Rune Reading
No choices of runes or casts here, just enter your question and get a 3 card rune reading: past, present, likely future. The interpretations are very basic booklet type interpretations without a lot of personality. It's ok for a freebie reading, but others have more choice and more detailed descriptions.

HWA Free Runes
I like that this site talks a bit about runes and how to best ask a question for results. It also has reversals and a few reading choices, but I found the interpretations lacking and very "book like" and not personalized enough for my tastes.

Insightful Runes
A very pretty site made by the creator of this particular set. It explains the purpose of the runes well and how to use them, but it requires you to give an email to get a free reading, so alas I did not get a free reading as I don't believe "free" should mean "give me your address".

Rune Reading by Mystic Games
You have to sign up to get a free reading so I didn't do it, however you can click on a rune name and learn more about that rune without a signup which is nice.

Free Interactive Runes Reading
A few choices to choose from for the cast/reading. The interpretations are pretty vague and it is in need of some updating, but overall it's a decent place to get some insight into the general meanings of the rune symbolism.

Divine Lady's Guide to the Runes
There's no free reading feature, but if you cast your own runes and want great insight into the meanings of them use this list of interpretations which I found to be very detailed and insightful.

More free runes readings will be posted in the future as I find them...


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