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Pull up a chair and bookmark us - there are 4 pages of Tarot readings alone - not to mention all the other ones! Like this site? Please Share it! There are share buttons on every page.

Annikin Divination Systems
this website is very complex and has a large variety of spreads and card decks to choose from. You can choose a Tarot, Rune or Horoscope reading, choose from spreads that are very specific business, career, timelines, relationships, health, self-help and more. Very nice website and members can design and share spreads and save readings.

The Artist's Inner Vision Tarot
The website is very nice and the art on this custom deck is interesting and very non-traditional. When you click for a free reading you get a one card reading which pulls the card and shares the interpretation of the deck's creator.

free micro card reading from astrocoach Micro is right - you push a button and get a very basic one card reading with a standard waite deck. It could be useful for reflection or a daily pull although other sites definitely have more in-depth readings, even for one card.

Tarot Card Mysteries by David Skibbins
This author has a free light-hearted tarot reading on his website that I really was amused by. Interestingly, he writes mystery novels based on Tarot card themes and I have to say I am intrigued and will probably look for a copy of one of his books to review next :)

Eye Tarot
A few different reading choices to choose from. There is a popup screen that tries to get you to sign up for a free account, but it isn't necessary to finish doing a reading. I found the interpretations to be nice and the usability of the site was good as well.

Free Tarot Readings by Byzant
a nice selection of free readings. You can even alter how you do the readings by using the major arcana, the minors, or the full deck. The spread I chose uses the Marseilles Tarot Deck - not sure if all of them do, but I found this site to be very useful and worthy of a bookmark.

Dreampower Online Tarot Reading
This free reading was designed to be an introduction to this particular deck (which is very lovely) and it includes 22 positions in the spread - a little intense, but definitely thorough! The spread itself is unique and you need to understand the positions that are storylike in nature as you make your way through the reading. Very unique and original and I enjoyed it very much.

Lotus Tarot Free Reading
A free 6 card reading that is very nice and user friendly. There is an option to sign up but it isn't forced and you can still do a free reading. They also have other sections to their site for professional readings and numerology.

Gaian Tarot
Beautiful website and deck and outstanding interpretations that are designed to make you think, reflect and feel inspired to take action in your life. I really enjoyed the energy of this site/deck and how nature centered and spiritual it was.

Tarot Goddess
Choose from 4 spreads and a variety of different decks which is a nice touch. The reading spread explanations and interpretations are extremely basic for the ones I tried. I felt this site would have been excellent with a bit more detail.

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