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Free Oracle Ask the Alchemist
Very beautiful cards, the descriptions are not very detailed, but overall it gave me a serene feeling. This site is quite old and could use some updating, but it was still a very enjoyable experience and I recommend it.

The Crowley Thoth On-line Tarot Reading
The deck is beautiful, the spread is very comprehensive, however I found many of the interpretations to be rather dark and foreboding - more than empowering. Yes I realize not everything in life is sunny and roses, but there should be something that empowers you in the Tarot. I did two readings here and found them interesting, but definitely a bit more dark and serious than others I've tried.

Full Moon Dreams Tarot
This site features the full moon dream tarot deck by Lunaea Weatherstone. It is an interesting, modern art deck. The website gives you the option to use an oracle to get a free one card reading, or you can choose the cards you want from a list to view them.

Occult Tarot
Choose from 12 different free readings on this website. A great variety and a good way to get some general insight into the cards (although I disagree with some of their interpretations, I understand everyone interprets differently) Overall the card descriptions are general, not matching up to the specific position meanings for every spread. It's ok, a lot of variety in spreads, but not easily understood by those without some Tarot knowledge or experience.

Enchanted World Tarot
A signup and email is required to get a free reading so I did not try it. The deck art looks lovely and the free reading may be good, but I can't say for sure since I don't use sites that require you to sign up first.

Free Tarot Readings Aquarian Insight
This website has a few choices, I did the Celtic Cross and enjoyed it very much. It is nicely layed out, the positions are explained alongside the card interpretation. Very nice free reading site.

Free Tarot Readings from
A little confusing you need to look down to see the username and password. There are 7 readings to choose from. The nice thing is each card in addition to explaining its meaning also asks you a question to reflect on as well - which of course can help you lead yourself to more inner guidance.

The Matrix Tarot Oracle
This site offers ten spreads with 6 different decks which is a nice touch and also has a nice explanation of Tarot and how it works underneath. The variety is what makes this site nice, although the descritpions in my opinion were quite basic.

The Mystic Eye Tarot
This website features several different reading and deck choices, although they are not interchangeable. The interpretations are satisfactory, not very detailed, but enough to give you some insight and food for thought. The different decks to explore makes it interesting.

New Age Now
This one was very simple but ok for some very basic guidance. The layout is not right and it isn't truly a tarot reading even though it looks like cards from where you draw. The advice given is nice though - a good effort overall.

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