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Empathic Mystic
Several readings to choose from, very simple interpretations but overall very useful and informative. I found the advice to be "short but sweet" - but effective too.

The Witches Inn Free Tarot Reading
A free ten card tarot reading click on the card to see the interpretation pop up. In firefox I had the issue that the new window would go underneath the current browser session and I had to go retrieve it for each card - probably want to use a browser other than firefox, otherwise it's a decent free reading feature.

Tarot Smith
There are many spreads and decks to choose from, but the interpretations leave a lot to be desired and the readings are very vague and don't give you real understanding without really contemplating what the cards mean to you. If you have some Tarot knowledge already this websites free reading features are plentiful and useful. If you don't have a lot of Tarot background, you may find the answers confusing.

Gypsy Advice (Llewelyn Tarot)
This website offers a wide variety of decks and spreads from Llewelyn publishers to choose from. I chose the stunningly beautiful Gilded Tarot and did the "path to a goal" spread. I enjoyed it and felt I gained a lot to think about from the experience. The interpretations are fairly well targeted and it made the reading understandable and workable.

Wolfcoast Tarot
This has always been a favorite of mine. I enjoy their interpretations and it is very user friendly. You choose your cards and the interpretations are well thought out and nicely stated with the position meaning directly above. No forcing to sign up, no high pressure sales tactics or in your face advertising or "teasers" - just a nice free reading. Well done!

Useful Trivia Free Tarot Reading
You click a button to get a free one card Tarot reading. What I found annoying is that an advertisement pops up when you click for the reading. After you x out of the ad, the interpretation is just the standard very vague description found in many books. Overall I wasn't impressed - sorry. Free Tarot Reading
3 Card Tarot reading for free, past, present, future. It's a decent little reading, however at the very bottom of your reading is an ad for "free minutes", so obviously they want their users to call an expensive per minute line for readings. I advise caution with any "per minute" services.

Free 3 Card Reading from Patrick Rundell
A quick little 3 card past/present/future influences reading. Double click each card to get the interpretation. It seems that the descriptions are leaning more towards love/relationships, but not all. It's a decent 3 card reading.

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