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Osho Transformation Tarot
A little confusing to use, but the deck and the interpretations/stories behind the cards are very beautiful. This would be a site I would use more for meditation and reflection than general advice on day to day things. It is very serene and peaceful though and worth a visit.

Pandora's Box Tarot
Click and a free reading is generated for you. It's a fairly nice reading, when cards come up reversed the images stay upright which can be a tad confusing, but overall it's very well done and I can see how it can give good food for thought to a situation.

Salem Tarot
Click for a free 3 card reading. This reading feature is very nice in appearance, the cards, position meanings and interpretations are all right there and the interpretations are more in-depth than on a lot of sites. Very nice simple reading.

Free Angel Card Readings
This is done in flash so a bit slow to load, but very nice! You can choose from one of four spreads and the cards are very lovely. The messages are very encouraging and uplifting, advising you on courses of action that will help you make the most of your present circumstances - motivating and inspirational.

The Sacred World Oracle
From the creator of the Goddess Tarot, this is another beautiful deck by Kris Waldherr. You can ask a question and get a 3 card reading. The cards from this deck contain great legends and lore that are shared via this free reading feature. Very nice.

Facade Tarot
You can choose from a large variety of decks and spreads on this website. In addition you can choose whether or not to have a significator card (a card you choose to represent yourself) and if you want to allow reversals or not. It's one of the most popular sites for free readings for a reason - because it's so thorough and well done.

Tarot Online 10 Card Reading
Website where you choose a significator and then you are given a free 10 card reading. The descriptions of the cards are pretty thorough, but not unique. The text is from a book from 1918 so it doesn't have a real "personal feel" or personality like other sites do where the owners provide their own interpretations. It is still useful though, especially since you can just click on any card in the deck to learn more about it.

Atout-Voyance Free Tarot Reading
A 4 card tarot reading featuring the major arcana cards. I had trouble getting this one to work initially in the firefox browser so I recommend using a different one.

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