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Other Unusual Free Readings

current featured website
Totem Wisdom
Get a free totem reading, learn how to discover your totem animals, and learn about the dream symbolism of animals as well. Also features beautiful art and interesting animal facts.

Free Zodax Cube Oracle
Zodax mystic cubes are derived from an actual oracle you can purchase. They are a set of 5 cubes with 30 divinatory symbols representing the five elements and five sides of a pentacle.

The Voice of the Woods Celtic Ogham Oracle
A divination system based on Celtic Lore. Gives a past/present/future influences look at a query - very interesting and unique.

Tea Leaves Oracle
Cute website, you click the teacup and get a free tea leaf reading - the readings leave a lot up to you to decide, but sometimes that's a good thing.

Ask the Alchemist
type in your question (or not) and then click the Dice to get a free reading based on the elements - fire,air, water, and earth.

Coffee Reading Cafe Nation
the few intro screens describe how divination has been done via coffee grounds (kinda like tea leaves) as you work through the little tale you are led to a place to click for a free reading/wisdom. Very simple, serene and nice...

Fortune Cookie Oracle
All the short bits of wisdom without all the calories and sugar ;) - click to open a free virtual fortune cookie.

Magic 8 Ball
When you just want a short, probably not very accurate answer or to have fun - nothing beats the "wisdom" of the magic 8 ball. This virtual version is free and you can see anonymously what others have been asking which also makes it funny :).

The Color Quiz
This is a free personality test that will tell you quite a bit about yourself by the colors you pick and the order. Get some insight into self and it's fun too.

More free unusual/miscellaneous oracles and readings will be posted in the future as I find and review them...


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